Places in the Network
 - The official ticket to Évora’s museums
What is the Évora Museum Network
The Évora Museum Network is the result of an institutional cooperation between various cultural entities of Évora and its main objective is to enrich the city, as it contributes to safeguarding its heritage and to provide information about cultural places, collections and activities. The partners in the project are the Eugénio de Almeida Foundation, the University of Évora, the Alentejo Regional Directorate for Culture, the Municipality of Évora, the Alentejo Regional Tourism Office, the Museu do Relógio and the Cadaval Palace.
The Évora Museu Network works as a mediator between people and places that should be inhabited and enjoyed, and it seeks to attract new audiences and to establish close relationships with both the local community and those who visit the city.  Thus, we created the Évora Ticket, common to various places within the Network, making it possible to visit several emblematic spots of the “Museum City” for the same value.
From the perspective of the partner entities, the intrinsic value of Évora's heritage is, by virtue of its distinctive character, a strategic resource of remarkable importance for deepening the community's sense of belonging to the history and cultural universe of the city. By continuing to ensure the conservation, study, promotion, dissemination and integrated enjoyment of heritage, the Évora Museum Network is a factor of sustainability and local and regional development, and follows a broader orientation which, by understanding cultural heritage as a strategic resource, aims to contribute to the convergence of the city and the region of Évora with European development and cohesion standards. Thus, the consolidation of the Évora Museum Network will unequivocally contribute to Évora's application as the European Capital of Culture in 2027, due to the evident structuring, enhancement and promotion of the associated cultural heritage.
Partner Entities