Megalithica Ebora — Convento dos Remédios
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The Convent and Church of the Remédios are 17th-century buildings, located at the gates of Évora’s Fernandina Wall, opposite to the keep. During the reign of D. Maria II, they were delivered to the Municipality of Évora, as well as the attached field, used as a public cemetery, a function that remains. After important recovery works, the Archaeology Department, the Évora Regional Music Conservatory and the Eborae Música association were established there. In 2007, the Megalithica Ebora Interpretation Centre opened, a didactic exhibition space covering the Megalithic and Roman periods.

Opening hours
monday to friday 9am-7pm
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Free Entrance.


(+315) 266 777 033
Avenida de S. Sebastião, 7000-531 Évora